Official distributor of Dr. Coutteel products for birds

Official distributor of Dr Coutteel for Spain and Portugal

We are the official distributors of the entire range of Dr. Coutteel bird products.

The Dr. Coutteel products have been created following years of research and experience with captive birds such as canaries, pigeons or goldfinches. The products contain all the vitamins and minerals which are normally eaten in the wild, that is why they will be the ideal complement for optimum care of one's birds.

Each of the products has its function and is suitable for supplementing the diet of one's birds in certain stages of development or times of the year.


  • Amino forte: Amino Acid Supplement. Amino acids are necessary for cells to assemble proteins.  Suitable to be taken daily during the breeding and moulting.
  • Electrolytes: Rehydration formula for pigeons. It is the suitable supplement for one's pigeons in times of great stress, such as competitions. It replenishes mineral salts and glucose content of one's pigeons.
  • Health Oil: Increases the resistance capacity naturally thanks to its essential natural oils and active aromatics.
  • Hepato-Chol: Supplement with essential amino acids, vitamins, Sorbitol and natural plant extracts which help liver function by aiding metabolism and moulting.
  • Multivitamin: Contains all the vitamins and spore elements necessary so as to undertake a period of great activity.
  • Mycosol: Formulated for a wide variety of problems, such as asthenia. Contains natural essential oils and aromatics.
  • Vigo-Carnitine: Supplement to improve muscle action, contributing energy and causing the non accumulation of fat, improving the blood circulation and protecting the heart.
  • Vit-Az-Min: Supplement with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This product can be used all year round, especially during breeding so as ensure proper egg laying.
  • Vitamin Kadrie: Formulated using all fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E and vitamin K. Ideal for the fertilisation and breeding.


Dr. Peter Coutteel is a licensed veterinarian, having graduated from the State University of Ghent in 1983.
From his childhood, the doctor had a great interest in the world of ornithology, reason why his veterinary studies were geared towards a specialisation in this field.

He has participated in a host of international ornithological congresses, this contributing to his vast knowledge of the different species of birds worldwide.
His career has led him to gain an in-depth knowledge and vast experience both in the field of the small bird species, such as canaries, pigeons, indigenous birds, insectivorous birds, tropical birds, as well as large bird species such as parrots, wading birds and birds of prey. He has published several scientific publications.

In the last 10 years, Dr. Coutteel has exclusively dedicated himself to his work as a bird veterinarian, in the Trigenio veterinary centre in Nijlen (Belgium).
In the conferences that he gives, he attempts to inspire bird lovers, in order for the latter to have an optimal experience in the care of their birds. One of his main objectives is to render assistance to the breeder, attaching great importance to the collaboration between the bird breeder and the veterinarian.
Birds which live in captivity, require that the breeder attempt to imitate as far as possible nature when it comes to feeding and caring for their birds.
The philosophy of the Dr. Couteel range of products is closely related to this idea.
Good luck!


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